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Past Performances of Note

  • Musikfest (Allentown, PA)
  • IJAE Conference (New York City)
  • East Coast Jazz Festival (Rockville, MD)
  • Philadelphia Music Conference Showcase (Philadelphia, PA)
  • "An Evening with Ms. Jazz" (Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA)
  • Detroit Black Writer's Guild Montreux Jazz Festival (Detroit, MI)
  • Royal Academy of Music (Den Hagg, Holland)
  • Het Elfde Gebod (Amsterdam, Holland)
  • Danny's Skylight Lounge (New York, NY)
  • St. Nick's Pub (New York, NY)
  • International Women in Jazz Conference, St. Peter's Chruch (New York, NY)
  • Sugar Shack (New York, NY)
  • Soul Food Cafe (New York, NY)
  • Lennex Lounge (New York, NY)
  • Barry Harris' "A Rose, a Dream, and a Wishing Well" (New York, NY)

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